Saturday, June 23, 2007


A friend texted me a couple weeks ago on a Saturday morning, saying, "I want to give you a bunch of yarn. Can I bring it tomorrow?" That inspired me to head straight to Michaels to buy more yarn. It's like a disease. What you see above is a blanket (the fruit of Michaels, almost done now) and flowers that will become a scarf.

I haven't been crocheting much lately, but I'm all the more thankful for the creative outlet it provides when I am able to find some time to do so. It's funny... who would have thought that a centuries old craft would unlock my 21st century creative streak?

I took the Strong Interest Inventory, a commonly-used "test" to help people choose careers, in grad school last week, and my primary interest type was "Artistic*." I smile as I type that, because I'd never been able to own my creative side. Until now.

*In case you're wondering, my other two types were "Social" and "Enterprising," types I've been owning all too well for years.

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