Sunday, October 30, 2005

Unfinished business

Please find pictured several of the in-progress projects I'm working on. No, not all fo them -- just many of them. There are also two crocheted scarves crying out for fringe and one half-done on my new knitting needles. Hmm.

I think part of the problem is an excitement to try new things. I didn't know how to make a mitten until I made that one; so now I know how to make a mitten, and I want to make a shawl. Etc. That's also why knitting has become so interesting to me lately, as I feel comfortable with crochet and am enjoying a new challenge.

Crochet has also opened a whole new creative window for me, a person who has often doubted her creativity, even as a working writer. ("But I'm just writing other people's messages," I say.) I don't doubt that I am creative when it comes to creating with yarn. I see color in a new way, I see people on the streets of the city in a new way, as I analyze their knitted garments for ideas. As my faith increases that I am, indeed, the creative being God made me to be, that creativity flows out and infuses everything I do; I've even felt more creative in writing "other people's messages" at work. And I'm using this blog to write creatively about my creative process via crochet. Brilliant.

So I suppose the reason I have so much "unfinished business" on my hooks and needles is because to me it represents unlimited possibility. The interdependence of life is amazing.

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