Monday, October 10, 2005

It's felted. It's sewn. It's done.

Finally. I'm very excited about this bag from, but it took me a long time to finish -- my on & off commitment to it was very much a contributing factor.

Since Alias was frequently on in the background while I was working on it (and happened to pop up in syndication when I was sewing on the straps), I thought it appropriate to picture the two dear things together.

Some notes, for the crochet-savvy gang:
(1) Unfortunately, laundromats don't allow one to stop their machines to avoid the spin cycle. Nonetheless, it felted pretty well. I just think it's a little floppy, which I suppose comes from the fact it was drier by the time I got it home to shape it.

(2) The flower is temporarily pinned on; I'm not sure how I feel about it. Thoughts?

(3) The body of the bag is Knit Picks yarn. I think it felted pretty nicely; didn't lose shape at all.


Julie said...

Yay. Very nicely done. I like the colors. Mine is floppy too, but I use it for lots of yarn projects and crochet books. One idea I thought to do after the pattern was published was to poke a hole near the middle top of one side (knitting needle or pen works), thread a long strand of something, leather cording, hand felted crocheted chain, or even a ribbon. Tie a knot on the inside. Sew a button on the front, about the same place. Then simply wrap the cord around the button for a simple closure.

Jen said...

Julie, I was thinking about doing the closure, too. I have a machine crocheted bag that just has a 3" chain on each side and I tie the two togehter. I actually managed to carry my laptop today in it! Probably pushing it on the weight, but I couldn't resist. :) Thanks for a great design!