Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Good study habits

Ah, the old days. I think they made us take a class on that at my undergrad. I have a vague memory of being in a classroom in a building in which none of my other classes took place and learning how to take notes.

I'm at the library, wrapping up an evening of studying after a day of working. Life experience seems to be the best teacher of good study habits. There's something about being in the library late at night that reminds me of being 18, but I'm vastly more capable of learning now than I was then. There were no classes in out-of-the-way buildings, no special seminars on how to manage time. I learned it along the way, as we all do. I found those types of classes of relatively little value, but I wonder how strong was their influence in making me attentive to pick up the good habits along the way?

A dose of creative writing/musing to counteract a night of reading psychology texts. As school picks up, nurturing the creative is increasingly important to me. It's exciting to see expansion & integration rather than an either-or choice in my life.

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