Sunday, February 05, 2006


New York has a nasty little tendency to create a longing for "more." Desiring increase and improvement is not necessarily unhealthy. But the city whispers seductively to her people, "You don't have enough." And her people leap to the conclusion, "You're not enough." There was a Carrie Bradshaw line on Sex and the City that struck me as particularly succinct: New Yorkers are always looking for a better apartment, job, and boyfriend.

But you know what? Things aren't that bad, folks. I actually love my apartment, and I'm living roommate-free at not-quite-27. I have a great job that allows me to go to grad school for (almost) free. No boyfriend at the moment, but he'll come along soon enough, and the dozens of amazing women in my life are bringing me no shortage of joy in the meantime.

I'm so grateful for the blessings I have, and tonight I decided to shift my focus to the abundant provision I have and away from the "stuff" New York is trying to convince me I need. I'm going to stop wanting and start thanking. Simplicity makes me smile; a little celebration:

Happy Thing I Have #1

A Netflix subscription. Free entertainment.

Happy Thing I Have #2

Several barely-touched knitting publications, full of potential projects. (This was the start of the revelation, as I found myself thinking of buying a new knitting book to choose a project for the Knitting Olympics.

Happy Thing I Have #3

Frozen shredded hash browns, a veggie burger, and a glass of wine at the end of the bottle = free dinner, one of my favorite simple joys.

These are the most superficial of reasons that life is good, certainly. But I'm choosing to celebrate all the evidence of the fact I have more than enough.


Patty Spencer said...

Well guess what I found the comment area, I think your Abundance is a good article keep that writing you are a good writer!!! Love ya M

Jen said...

Thanks, Mom. :)