Friday, March 03, 2006

Free Association Googling: Creativity

When I'm stuck to write about something that I'm stuck on, I often type the phrase into Google. It's digitally-enhanced free association. Something will stick, and I'm off and running.

I've been thinking a lot lately on creativity, though nothing has crystalized yet. I think some Free Associ-Googling is in order. Here are my Top 3 inspirations found in less than 5 minutes from Google's results on "creativity."

What are yours?

  • - Crayons inspire me! Simplicity. Low pressure creation.
  • Creativity Pool - Just a whole bunch of ideas posted in a message board. It's instant cure for writers block, methinks.
  • Ten Steps for Boosting Creativity - only because it says this: "Don't watch TV. Experiments performed by the JPB Creative Laboratory show that watching TV causes your brain to slowly trickle out your ears and/or nose. It's not pretty, but it happens." And that makes me laugh. Laughing inspires me to be creative.

1 comment:

Patty said...

Love it especially no. 3 TV can be hazardest!!! But you have to love it too. You always did like crayons! L. Mom