Saturday, January 21, 2006

Lutheran Alert!!

I find this really funny. I get marketing mail from this Lutheran insurance company, having received an award from them in high school, and this particular campaign really cracks me up. Why does overpaying on car insurance qualify as a "LUTHERAN" alert? Are they still concerned about my insurance payments now that I would cateogorize myself as a plain old "Christian"? And do they notice the Manhattan zip code and think, "We should save ourselves the stamp. This girl doesn't have a car."


itgirl said...

You know those wacky anti-Lutheran you think they think the car insurance is overpriced just for Lutherans, but for someone like me who is Jewish, it's not, somehow?

Jen said...

I just think they're less-than-clever marketers. Why should something like car insurance be marketed on basis of religion?