Thursday, December 15, 2005

Knit + Crochet = Pretty

This is a pattern out of the recent Family Circle Easy Crochet magazine. The feature was called "DreamWeavers" -- a few projects that weave in both knitting and crochet. Perfect for this girl, I thought.

This poncho will be a gift for a friend. I'm loving making it because it incorporated the things I like best about yarn craft just the way I like them:

(1) Challenge and learning new things, in the knitting. (My first decreases! And my first time sewing knitted fabric together.
(2) Total comfort & relaxation. The crochet part is detailed, but I find even complicated crochet restful at this point.

And it was perfect that I could first work through figuring out the knitting and then relax into the crochet.

And, it's cute. I'm thinking I might make one for myself in black.. but I'll probably make it a short capelet, as seen here, rather than finishing for a full length poncho (as I'm working toward).

P.S. I just always have to laugh at the mirror pictures. When I see them on other people's blogs, I laugh knowingly. But I actually laugh while I'm taking them. So silly. Ah, the lengths we go to to share our crochet...


Anonymous said...

Hi I made this same poncho as a gift too. I used the blue/tan Divine yarn. Did you ever do a capelet version?

Jen said...

I haven't yet; I'm finishing up a lot of "winter" items, like a warm shawl for a friend. But I think a capelet would be great for early spring. I'm thinking of using a bulky black mohair, like Classic Elite La Gran (sp?) ... now that I've figured out the design with the pattern yarn, I can upgrade!