Thursday, August 25, 2005

I've been reluctant to start a blog, since:
(a) "Everyone's doing it."
(b) I already waste enough time.
(c) The writing on them always seems self-conscious and self-indulgent, both of which I'm currently trying to avoid, and both of which I'm sure I'm falling into.

But, I decided to start one anyway, because:
(a) It seems the easiest way to post photos to share, which will support my crochet addiction. My recent digital camera purchase is another contributing factor.
(b) There's a fine line between "wasting time" and "taking a well-deserved mental break," and my writing job merits the latter.
(c) "Everyone's doing it." Perhaps that indicates that it actually has some value. PERHAPS it will encourage me to write something of interest rather than just read others' comments.

And, so, indeed, it begins. Enjoy.

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